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FSEOG Application Deadline

The FSEOG stand for Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant. It is given out to students who have serious financial need for college and higher education. The application deadline for the FSEOG is the same as the federal deadline for all aid and that is June 30th of the end of each school year. If you […]

FSEOG Eligibility

The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) is free money for your undergraduate education. ¬†FSEOG is a needs based grant for United States citizens. FSEOG eligibility is determined through demonstrated significant financial need. FSEOG eligibility is based on several conditions: 1) whether a student is a United States citizen, 2) the student must be a […]

Apply for FSEOG

A student who is wishing to take advantage of Federal Financial Aid as a resource to assist in paying for tuition and other education-related expenses may want to explore all the opportunities available to them. The Free Application for Financial Student Aid, or FAFSA, is the important first step in the process of seeking those […]

FSEOG Participating Schools

Schools that accept the FSEOG Not all schools that accept other federal aid for college participate in the FSEOG program. The FSEOG program involves more paperwork and regulations than other federal aid and some schools just choose not to participate. The FSEOG is a federally funded grant for college that gives students anywhere from $100 […]

FSEOG Deadline

2016-2017 FSEOG Application Deadlines The Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant or FSEOG is a grant that is set aside for the neediest students going to college for their undergraduate degree. The grant amounts given are anywhere from $100 per school year to $4000 per school year depending on your financial need and the amount the […]

FSEOG Requirements

Since the FSEOG is one of the most sought after grants and you do not have to pay it back, there are certain requirements you must have to be eligible for this grant. The FSEOG or Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant is money given to students by the federal government to help with college expenses.

FSEOG Amounts

New and Continuing Undergraduate college student seeking financial aid will find numerous resources available to them to help cover tuition and other education-related costs. One of the most commonly utilized resources is federally funded financial aid. This aid comes in the form of Student Loans, like the Stafford Loan, and Grants, including the Federal Supplemental […]

FSEOG Application

As students are paying more and more money for a college education, they are looking for more ways to help pay for the education. One of they types of aid that students look to is the FSEOG. The FSEOG is a grant that does not have to be paid back and students with the highest […]


FAQ for the FSEOG What does FSEOG stand for?The FSEOG stands for Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant. It is rare that you will hear it called by anything other than the FSEOG How much can I get from the FSEOG?The maximum amount available for the grant is $4000 dollars a year and the minimum awarded […]

Maximize The FSEOG

How to maximize your FSEOG award. Since the FSEOG is one of the 2 most sought after kinds of college financial aid, people are always asking how to make the most of the award and how to maximize the money you are getting with the award. Since the FSEOG is need based, only students with […]