FSEOG Amounts

New and Continuing Undergraduate college student seeking financial aid will find numerous resources available to them to help cover tuition and other education-related costs. One of the most commonly utilized resources is federally funded financial aid. This aid comes in the form of Student Loans, like the Stafford Loan, and Grants, including the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG).  When a Student begins their process of applying for Financial Aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the student is submitting their own personal financial information, and depending on their dependency status, possibly their parents or guardians information.

When completed and properly submitted for review, the Federal Government examines the application to determine the students Federal Student aid available to them, as well as the students Estimated Family Contribution number (EFC #). This EFC # plays a significant role in the calculation of what the student might be awarded in the form of grants.

Grant awards are different than Loans in that they do not require repayment by the student, as loans do. Grants are funds “gifted” to the student, and can sometimes have specific limitations as to what educational expenses they can be applied toward. They also differ in their award amounts. Take the FSEOG Amount, for instance. A qualified student can receive anywhere from $100 to the maximum amount of $4000, if the student shows exceptional financial need through information supplied in their completed FAFSA application. Unlike the PELL Grant, the FSEOG amounts awarded are based on specific calculations, based on your EFC, or Estimated Family Contribution. Also unlike the PELL Grant, there is a more limited scope on what education-related expenses these funds can be applied to.

Funding an FSEOG amount awarded to a student is done by the participating school from an amount of federal monies allotted specifically to Educational institute. The amount of monies available to any given institution for the FSEOG is based on the amount of FSEOG grants they successfully awarded the previous year.  It’s in the best interest, in this case, of the institution to award FSEOG grants to facilitate their positive participation in the program. Beginning at the start of each Financial Aid year, The School will award eligible students who’ve exhibited exceptional financial need students the FSEOG grants until the schools allotment of funds is depleted. 

The FSEOG Grant is a bit more competitive than some other grants, like the PELL Grant. This grant is funded on a “First Come, First Served” basis.  It is important that the student wishing to pursue an FSEOG award complete their FAFSA application at the very earliest opportunity to take advantage of the schools available funds. Once the schools FSEOG-program funds have been exhausted by students being awarded an FSEOG amount, no additional funds will be added to the school’s allotment for later-applying eligible students to take advantage of, emphasizing the importance of completing the FAFSA application as early as the student is able to do so. The student will also want to contact the school’s Financial Aid office of their prospective school to confirm that institutions participation in the FSEOG program.

The student who wishes to take advantage of the FSEOG grant will want to make certain to have gathered all the necessary information in preparation of completing the FAFSA application, have requested their FAFSA PIN# and will complete their FAFSA application at the earliest opportunity in the effort to take advantage of all potential financial resources available, including the FSEOG grant.

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